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What You Can't Miss on Your Visit to Castle Park?

Castle Park is a wonderful weekend destination for families with kids seeking family-friendly entertainment, and teenagers who want to spend a day out. The park offers different attractions mostly dedicated to kids and teenagers, including four full mini-golf courses, an arcade zone, and a seasonal water playground! With somany things to do, you’ll definitely need to set priorities and choose which attractions you want to see most. Take a look at the must-see attractions in the park!

How Many Rides Are at Castle Park?

Castle Park is an amusement park with four areas with different types of attractions for everyone to have fun at. There are plenty of attractions to choose from! The amusement park offers 25 different attractions, including 13 gentle 'mild' rides, 10 moderate ones, and 2 intense attractions suitable for adults and teenagers aged 14 and above.

Visit our attractions list to see which are most suitable for your family depending on age and height.

What rides are there at Castle Park Riverside?

Castle Park offers a variety of attractions, including rollercoasters, water slides, arcade games, mini-golf courses, and many others! There is something for everyone.

Regarding amusement attractions, the main rides are Merlin’s Revenge, Saw Mill Plunge, Screamin’ Dragon, and Fire Ball. These are the most adrenaline-pumping options, but there are plenty of other attractions for those seeking less intense experiences while still having fun.

What rides are open now at Castle Park?

All attractions at the park are currently available, except for Spider and King’s Crown, which are closed due to repair works. Keep in mind that Mini-Golf and the arcade are available every day, usually from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., while the ride park is open from Friday to Sunday, usually from midday to 9 p.m. Buccaneer Cove, our water park, is only open during summer!

The Definitive Top 10: Our Best Rides at Castle Park

Here’s a list of the top 10 must-ride attractions at Castle Park!

10. Dragon Flyer


Dragon Flyer

Dragon Flyer is a unique aerial ride with carts spiralling around a pole. What makes this attraction special is that each cart features a sail-like structure that allows riders to move around and reach higher altitudes!

9. Merlin’s Revenge

Merlin's Revenge

Merlin’s Revenge is a thrilling roller coaster for those who are looking for some more intensity. The ride will take you along a fast trajectory by tilting the passengers from side to side.

8. Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon

The Sea Dragon is a pirate ship that will swing riders back and forth, making them feel as if they were being lifted by rising sea tides. Ideal for those who like that zero-gravity feeling in their bellies!

7. Saw Mill Plunge

Saw Mill Plunge

Ever wondered what it feels like to ride a log down a waterfall as in cartoons? Get on the all-new Saw Mill Plunge for a splashing good time! The perfect mix between a roller coaster and a water slide.

6. Flying Saucer


Flying Saucer

Travelling at hyperspeed through outer space is an experience not many have, but Castle Park’s Flying Saucer is a very good imitation. Stand against the round walls of the Flying Saucer and let centrifugal force push you outwards.

5. Scrambler


The Scrambler is a double-rotation spinner that will make it difficult to walk in a line afterward! A central spinning post is connected to several arms, from which clusters of double seats are hanging, and also spinning!

4. Castle Park Railroad

Castle Park Railroad

At the Castle Park Railroad, a tiny “coal-powered” train will take kids around the park for a relaxing tour among the attractions. One of the most inclusive attractions in the park, as there are no height restrictions for children riding it with someone over 36''.

3. Screamin’ Demon

Screamin Demon

Screamin’ Demon is not what it seems! Looking at it from the ground, it seems like a simple rollercoaster with carts slowly sliding down a zigzagging path. But those who dare ride it will start spinning crazily while moving across its trajectory!

2. Dragon’s Tower

Dragon's Tower

Zero gravity is the key to Dragon’s Tower. Take a seat and soar through the sky! Feel the butterflies in your belly as the seats in the tower take you to the top and let you fall repeatedly.

 1. Fire Ball

Fire Ball

Fire Ball is the most thrilling attraction in Castle Park! A unique ride that will take you into an infinite loop. If you got onto Sea Dragon and were left eager for more, Fire Ball is the answer. A circular, looping roller coaster that will balance you back and forth until flipping you upside down along a 360° turn.

So, What Is the Scariest Ride at Castle Park?

The scariest ride at Castle Park is Fire Ball! Increasing your thrill, you never know exactly when the ride’s balance will go from back-and forth to a full loop turning you upside-down! Do you dare give it a try? 

Ready to visit us, try the attractions, and compare this ranking with yours? Book your Castle Park tickets online now!


Tips to Enjoy the Best Rides and Make the Most of Your Visit

Check the opening hours and arrive early

With so many attractions to visit, the best advice we can give you is to arrive early. Make the most of time by getting to the park earlier than other guests and enjoy rides without having to wait in line.

Start with the most popular rides

If you manage to arrive before most people, take the opportunity to experience the most popular rides first, as these will probably get crowded as more guests arrive.!

Check out the promotions page for the best deals

Save money by checking promotions and discounts on our website. Always  purchase your tickets online to save on admission and find great deals on food and souvenirs.

Get a season pass

We offer four different types of annual passes for amusement lovers! Select from Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum for discounts and free tickets, not only in Castle Park but also in our more than 15 sister parks throughout the US.

Bonus Track: Best Rides for Toddlers and Young Kids at Castle Park

Castle Park is perfect for families with toddlers, as there are several attractions suitable for them. Have a look!

Flying Animals

If classic Merry Go Rounds are not enough, hop onto the Flying Animals. This attraction consists of several animals that “fly” hanging from a central post.


Flying Animals

Rockin’ Tug

The Rockin’ Tug invites visitors to hop onto a boat that will swing back and forth, like sea waves, but there’s a trick to this attraction: the boat will also pivot, making the ride cooler!


Being a classic attraction, kids can get on circular carts that are dragged along an elliptical track and feel a whipping motion when reaching the end of the ellipse. 

Merry Go Round

A classic carousel with chariots and horses to ride under a majestic ceiling of lights. Ideal for younger kids and parents who want to get back to their childhoods for an instant.

Ghost Blasters

This spooky ride will take you on a tour of a haunted mansion, equipped with laser weapons to bust ghosts! A fun interactive attraction with more than just a ride.


Ghost Blasters


Similar to Ghost Blasters, Spaceships also allows riders to hop onto an interactive experience. The carts include a weapon on top to shoot obstacles in the way, but outdoors! Special for those not so into spookiness.

Sea Planes

Sea Planes take kids on a circular ride on top of a water zone for a fun but safe soar through the air. The best part for kids is waiting for their turn to see their plane go up in the air!

Crazy Planes

Crazy Planes is another great option for kids who love aerial experiences! Jump on a mini plane that will take you back and forth on a circular glide.

Explore Our Other Attractions! 

Amusement rides are not the only option on our menu! Find out about the other attractions you can find in Castle Park.


Mini Golf

A family classic for those who enjoy sports that require precision and concentration. Experience all four of our 18-hole mini-golf courses! The scenic views and whimsical buildings will take players along a magical journey. 



Enter the castle to access one of the most impressive collections of arcade games in Riverside! Play classic and modern games, air-hockey, and claw machines, and exchange your tickets at our prize redemption desk!

Buccaneer Cove

Buccaneer Cove

If you’re visiting on a hot summer day, you may want to put on your pirate patch and get on board Buccaneer Cove for a refreshing day! Ahoy! Visit our water park section for daily splash-tacular fun.

Come to Visit Us and Try the Best Castle Park Rides for Yourself!

What are you waiting for? Castle Park has all you need for a fun day in Riverside. Whether you are looking for magic rides, splashing tides, or virtual fun, everyone can enjoy themselves at Castle Park!