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Dragon Flyer

You’re the pilot! Tame the dragon and soar toward the sky.
Ride Park
Type of attraction
 Flat Ride
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 36''
Accessible for people with disabilities
All Year
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Dragon Flyer lets you fly high like a true hero

Dragon Flyer is both safe and soaring 

We all love the most classic of legends with royal casts – and what cast of characters would be complete without a dragon? Here at Castle ParkDragon Flyer not only lets you see dragons up close, but also ride one high over the kingdom. As long as you’re between 36” and 43” tall and accompanied by a responsible supervising companion/fellow dragon-rider, no royal guest is too tiny! Of course, the taller dragon-riders can rejoice, since anyone over 44” can conquer the noble beast alone! Either way, this magical ride brings the excitement of seeing a dragon for the first time to life outside the pages of fairy tales. 

Like any true dragon-tamer, though, Dragon Flyer doesn’t just let you be led by your noble steed; instead you can actually guide it into the skies yourself! Swishing its guiding scales one way, you’ll be carried high, high up in the sky to see the Castle kingdom sprawling out below you. If you’re feeling even bolder, you can swish the scales the other way and plunge down towards the earth in a windy rush. To the accompanying kings and queens who may fear for their little ones riding such a legend, there’s no need to worry! No matter how weightlessly they fly, dragons always make sure to touch down soft and ensure all their riders depart safely. 

No matter how high or low, fast or slow, Dragon Flyer is the magical kind of experience you can only get here at Castle Park! For another ride that will put you right in the pages of a classic story, try Merlin’s Revenge. Your dragon-riding skills will be put to the test in the face of the fearsome wizard, who you’ll come face-to-face with as you fly! 

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$19.99 Four or More

$19.99 Four or More