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Charitable Donations

Castle Park is honored to be a place of happiness and fun and strives to be a good neighbor and support local non-profits and charitable causes doing good work in the community. Our charitable ticket donation program exists to support organizations doing good deeds and individuals in need. Tickets can be used as a fundraising tool or to provide a way to enjoy a day of fun at Castle Park for those who may not be able to do so otherwise.

Castle Park and our parent company, Palace Entertainment, have established criteria for donation requests in order to ensure recipients align with our company principles. Donation requests are only accepted from non-profit organizations and/or charities holding fundraisers – for-profit organizations are not eligible to receive ticket donations. Donations must support one of our four pillars:

  1. Childhood & Health: initiatives designed to bring entertainment to children affected by serious illnesses and their families, as well as adults suffering from rare and serious diseases. In addition, also promoting healthy habits, with a view to preventing illness.
  2. Social Inclusion: initiatives to make entertainment accessible to financially disadvantaged families, to communities at risk of social exclusion, and to people with disabilities and special needs.
  3. Education & Awareness: through the resources available at our park, these initiatives are designed to contribute to students’ passion for their school subjects (Physics, Biology, Technology, etc.) and to foster their awareness of their environment, social sustainability, civic responsibility, and healthy habits.
  4. Conservation & Research: initiatives to protect biodiversity and the most vulnerable ecosystems by conducting rescue, rehabilitation, and release of animals or by participating in research projects.

Due to the large volume of requests we receive annually, Castle Park has established guidelines to ensure consistency and fairness within the donation process. Please note that we are not able to accommodate all requests. Donation requests are only accepted from non-profit organizations and/or charities holding fundraisers in our supported geographic region where the majority of our Guests and Team Members reside. For-profit organizations are not eligible to receive ticket donations.

We use ApproveForGood to streamline the donation request and review process, helping our teams manage the many requests we receive.  If your organization fits the criteria, please submit your request at least two months (60 days) in advance of your event date.

All requests must be submitted through the online application below.

No phone or email requests will be accepted.

Please include all required fields on the online application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Requests received that do not include the above information will not be processed for consideration.

A customary donation is two single-day park tickets. We do not make monetary donations.



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