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Prepare for a fun-filled adventure at Castle Park in Riverside, CA! Offering some of the most affordable amusement park tickets in Southern California, Castle Park makes it easy to stay within your budget and enjoy an exciting outing with friends, family, and co-workers. If you’re bringing 15 or more people, take advantage of our special group sales rates, including tickets with meals. Plus, you get great deals and discounts on Castle Park ticket prices with our holiday event packages, annual passes, and special rates for students and military personnel. Whether you’re coming for the rides, games, mini-golf, or all of the above, Castle Park is an affordable family-fun destination for people of all ages. Buy your tickets today!

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Featured benefits

- Include Mini Golf

- $5 Game Card

- 1 Food Option



Featured benefits

- Ride Park Sat/Sun

- Save $5 online



Featured benefits

- $12.99 per person. Save $2 online. 

- Parties can include up to 5 people. 

- Pick a date to visit.

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Visit our park safely