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We are committed to providing the finest in family fun and entertainment. This means we want all of our Guests to have a safe and enjoyable visit. Once you arrive at the park, stop by our Guest Service Center located in-between Merry-Go-Round and Rockin’ Tug. They will be able to answer any questions and help you with any accommodations you may require during your visit. This guide will provide you with information to help plan your day.

General Park Information

  • Service Animals

    Service Animals are welcome; however, they are limited to dogs and miniature ponies that have been trained to do work or perform a task for the benefit of the individual with the disability. Service Animals must remain on a leash or harness and be under the control of their handler. If at any time a Service Animal is out of control, they will be asked to be removed from the park. Service Animals are not permitted to ride any ride, with the exception of the Castle Park Railroad, Riverside Express, Sky rider, and Merry go round. While the Service Animal is waiting for their handler to ride any attraction, a Guest must remain with them.

  • Rider’s Safety Center

    Located at Guest Relations.

  • Guest Service Center

    Located by the Royal Tent.

  • Parking

    Accessible parking located near the entrance of the park.

  • Wheelchair Rental

    Wheelchairs can be rented on a first come, first served basis at the Souvenir tent.

  • Restrooms

    All restrooms have an ADA stall.

  • First Aid

    First Aid will be administered by our EMT’s. Refrigeration for essential medicine is available on a limited basis. In an emergency, please contact any park Team Member.

  • Personal Care Assistant

    The cost of admission to Castle Park will be waived for a government-funded or privately paid Personal Care Assistant (PCA) whose attendance is required to enable a Guest with severe disabilities to enjoy a day visiting the park. Whether the tickets are purchased in advance or at the gate for the PCA, any request to waive admission for the PCA must be made at the Customer Service office located at the park entrance. The PCA shall not participate in any services/attractions separate from the individual that requires their services.

  • Food & Beverage

    We offer an allergy guide at each of our food locations. Please email sjimenez@PalaceEntertainment.com

  • Gift Shops

    All gift shops are wheelchair accessible.

  • Games

    All games are accessible. All race games have removable seats to allow for wheelchair accessibility. Please see the Team Member at the game for assistance.

  • Park Terrain

    Castle Park has some steep grades and stairs. Please watch for blue ADA signs to alert you to areas with steep grades. Please take care or go around these sections.

  • Lost Guests

    If a child or individual with a disability gets separated from your group, stop any Park Security Officer or go to Guest Relations (by The Royal Tent). We do offer an information wristband where you can write your contact information to place on a Guest. This is helpful if the guest is nonverbal, too young or confused to remember contact information. They are available at Customer Service at the Main Gate.

  • Parents Swap

    This program allows parents with a child too young to ride to wait at the exit with their young child while the other parent waits in line. Once the first parent has ridden, the other parent can immediately board once the first parent exits. The other parent should be ready to board at the ride exit.

  • Loose Articles

    Loose articles, including cell phones, should not be taken on any ride. Loose articles of any kind are not permitted on any ride. You can leave the item with a non-rider. Loose Article boxes are provided at the rides, but items lost, stolen, or damaged are not the park’s responsibility.

Ride Admission Program

Our Ride Admission Program is designed with your safety and the safety of others in mind. Our staff at Guest Relations will assess each Guest seeking accommodations based on their individual abilities, ride dynamics, ride restraint systems, and manufacturer requirements to determine what rides they can safely enjoy. You will be given a ride accessibility questionnaire to complete to assist us with our assessment. Once completed, you will receive a list of rides that you may safely enjoy.

  • Ridership Criteria

    The assessment of each ride consists of the following criteria, which may be required to safely ride a certain ride.

    Explanation: Most rides require that riders have the body and spinal control to sit upright without the aid of other people or devices and be able to maintain proper riding posture, even during bumping other characteristic movements of the ride.

    Explanation: Certain rides require that a rider’s body has the appropriate weight distribution above/below the waist for that ride’s restraint system.

    Explanation: Most rides require that riders have sufficient muscle control to support their head, neck, and upper torso during the course of the ride.

    Explanation: Certain rides require that riders have either one, or both, functioning arms to hold on during the ride cycle. A functioning arm is an upper extremity or prosthesis exhibiting good grip control, the ability to brace, and the strength to allow the Guest to maintain the proper riding position throughout the duration of the ride.

    Explanation: Certain rides require that riders have one, or both, functioning legs to be used for bracing the body during the course of the ride. A functioning leg is a lower extremity or a prosthesis that can be used for bracing.

    Explanation: Certain rides require that riders have a MINIMUM of one, two or three functioning extremities (two legs, two arms, one arm and one leg, etc.) to brace themselves during the ride.

    Explanation: Guests must be able to enter and exit the ride without jeopardizing themselves or others, and to assist with their own evacuation if necessary. This may include arrangements such as entering through the exit or having someone in their party assist them in the boarding process. If a Guest has to be lifted in and out of the ride unit, a responsible person who is accustomed to doing this must do so. Ride operators are not trained to lift or physically assist Guests.

    Explanation: All rides require that riders have sufficient awareness to understand the consequences of actions that may lead to injury to self and/or others. Guests may be able to enjoy select rides when accompanied by a responsible person

Ride Information

  • General Ride Information

    • Each Guest must have the ability to maintain riding posture and brace themselves throughout the course of the ride against potential forces created by the ride and/or other participants.
    • Guests with conditions such as pregnancy, back, neck, or bone problems, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, recent surgery, or other health conditions that could be aggravated by bumping or jarring are not permitted to ride all rides. Please read all safety signs at the rides prior to riding.
    • There is always a remote chance that a ride might be evacuated. Evacuations may be necessary due to such causes as a mechanical problem, weather conditions, or power interruption. If an evacuation is required, you may be required to maneuver across catwalks, sometimes from the highest point on the ride. This may include walking down steeply inclined steps or catwalks or waiting for an extended period of time in the ride vehicle. Note: our Team Members are not trained to lift or carry Guests.
    • Any Guest who rides a ride must be able: (1) to be seated properly in the required riding position, (2) to have hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the ride unit at all times, and (3) to use all safety devices required in the normal operation of the ride.
    • Any Guest whose size or build would affect the applicable safety restraints (seat belts, lap bars, harnesses, etc.) from functioning properly will not be permitted to ride.
    • A responsible person is one who physically and mentally meets all the requirements to ride the ride, is sixteen (16) years of age or older, and exhibits the maturity generally expected from one 16 years of age or older.
    • ALL RIDE HEIGHT and WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS APPLY. Each ride is reviewed specifically to determine the size limits necessary to make safety restraints effective, and to meet the ride manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Definitions

    • RESPONSIBLE PERSON – a Guest that (1) complies with the necessary requirements to experience the ride, (2) is approximately 16 years old, and (3) possesses the physical and mental ability to supervise someone throughout the ride.
    • INFANT – A handheld child that is too young to walk or sit up on their own.
  • Shows

    All shows have wheelchair access.

  • Casts and Braces

    Due to the design of certain ride vehicles and restraint systems, guests may have difficulty fitting into some rides. If you are wearing a cast or brace, please stop at the Guest Service Center to get a list of what rides you can ride.

    Note: there are no restrictions for arm casts below the elbow

  • Prosthetic Devices

    On most attractions, guests wearing prosthetic devices will be permitted to ride as long as the device is securely attached and will remain in place throughout the ride cycle.

    The exceptions to this rule are: Kings Crown

  • Alternative Access Program

    We offer an alternative access program that, if you qualify, will allow you to use the accessible (ADA) entrance of the ride. The staff at the Safety Center or Service Center will ask you a series of questions to see if you qualify for this program. If you qualify you will receive a yellow Accessibility Pass, allowing you access to the ADA entrance for the rides. The ADA entrance will be noted by a blue sign. In most, but not all, cases this is the exit of the ride. Please wait until instructed by a Ride Operator to begin boarding.

    Please note: the Alternate Access Program is good for the individual that receives the Ride Admission Pass and three (3) additional Guests. The individual with the pass must ride for the pass to be valid.

    If granted admission into the Alternative Access Program, you will be able to initially board any attraction with a minimal wait. After riding certain attractions one time, you will be required to get a boarding time approximately equal to the wait time for that ride in the regular queue. You must wait until the given time to ride any other attraction that assigns wait times. You can only have one boarding time at any given time. You cannot ride the same ride that requires a wait time twice in a row without receiving a wait time. If we have stopped admitting Guests into the regular line for any reason, we will not admit Guests with an Accessibility Pass, either. This includes giving wait times or boarding with a time already assigned. Wait times must fall within regular park hours. You can ride any other attraction not listed below at any time.

    Rides that assign wait times after riding: Merlin’s Revenge, Screamin Demon, Fireball, Dragons tower, Sawmill Plunge, Ghost blasters, and Sky Ride.

Contact Information

Questions or Comments? Castle Park strives to ensure all guests, including those with disabilities, have a safe and enjoyable experience. If you have suggestions, comments, or concerns; please stop by Guest Services during your visit, call 951-785-3000, or email peter.ramirez@palaceentertainment.com