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Our Souvenir Shop has everything you need for your day

Our Souvenir Shop is a one-stop fun-shop

Everyone has that special first-time memory they bring home with them from their favorite amusement park at the end of the fun-filled day. Here at our Souvenir Shop at Castle Park, we have everything to help you make all those special memories from your day’s start to end. On a hot day, this is a great chance to pick up some cool drinks to keep everybody in your party hydrated, happy, and healthy. Plus, if you need a change of clothes for our water rides, there’s plenty of colorful apparel that will do the trick. Not to mention the fact that nothing says team spirit out on the rides, the golf course, or in the arcade like matching outfits to show your Castle Park pride.

We also carry a unique collection of souvenirs that will help you find that perfect memory to take home and keep with you forever. Our castle-themed merchandise might not be as big as our Castle Park itself, but it will give you a metaphoric “brick” of our history to keep. For more wearable memories, our jewelry will have your young ones feeling like royals dressed in the finest of crowns -- fit for kings and queens. Of course, we have plenty of toys for both boys and girls to keep princes and princesses alike happy and able to cherish their memories close. On top of that, there’s always our fine selection of candy and sugary sweets hand-selected from the four corners of the kingdom.

One way or another, our Souvenir Shop has offerings for everyone to keep your whole royal family smiling from your very first minutes in our kingdom. Even if you come with a picky prince or princess, we promise they’ll leave pleased as a newly-crowned king or queen. 

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Kids at  Buccaneer cove
All- Access 4-Pack!

All- Access 4-Pack!