Splash into summer at Buccaneer Cove! Our water playground is now open and included with your Ride Park ticket. For a limited time, tickets are only $19.99 when you purchase four or more!

Tot Time

Splash Away!

Enjoy an hour of fun play at Buccaneer Cove with your little ones every Wednesday! Children ages 5 and under get their chance to splash and play in our water playground Wednesdays starting at 11AM!

Join us and let your young ones have fun splashing away!

Mardi Gras

Rules & Restrictions

  • Children under 36” are free to enter Castle Park Ride Park and Buccaneer Cove.
  • Children under 36” may use the yellow multilane slide when supervised by a responsible companion. 
  • Parents with multiple children can bring their older children into Buccaneer Cove, provided they are assisting a child aged 5 and under. 
  • Please be advised that older siblings are welcome to enjoy Buccaneer Cove during Tot Time as long as they play gently with our smallest guests. Our priority is to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests, regardless of age. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 
  • More information about rules and restrictions can be viewed here.
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