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Screamin' Demon

Temporarily Closed for Repairs
Ride Park
Type of attraction
 Roller coaster
Adults (>18 y.o) Teenagers (14 - 18 y.o.)
Access limitations
Minimum height: 51''
Maximum height: 76''
All Year
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Screamin’ Demon will leave thrill-seekers shoutin’ in excitement

Temporarily Closed for Repairs

Screamin’ Demon is a twisting, turning, free-falling festival!

Everyone loves a legend of good beating evil; and no matter the kingdom, there are monsters that must be slain. Here at Castle Park, the Screamin’ Demon is the foe to be outwit, if only you have what it takes! However, a fair warning is that this is one of the kingdom’s scariest attractions, and it is not for the faint of heart. But, as long as you’re at least 51” tall and feeling particularly brave, this could just be the quest for you. Stare down the glaring monsters with their sharp fangs and piercing eyes and hop on the back of the demon to banish it.

35-foot-high roller coaster, the Screamin’ Demon starts with a slow crawl to the top, providing scenic views of the Inland Empire. The Demon will make sure you can’t enjoy the views for long, though, as you zip along the track and twist and turn to and fro. So fast that you’ll be holding on before long; you’ll continue on around and around the turns while already dizzy before it gets even more intense! Spinning, falling, bouncing, you’ll be so dizzy and discombobulated that you won’t know up from down, left from right, forward from backward. But, if you can hold on tight and hang on until the end, you too can slay the Demon and claim your place as a legend!

If you’re still feeling brave after a head-rushing round with the Screamin’ Demon, there are still plenty of chances to show your stuff. For yet another roller coaster quest, try casting magic on Merlin’s Revenge, where the wizard himself will be waiting to greet you. After that, for an even more captivating quest than both coasters combined, you can spin round and round in a vertical loop on the Fireball.  

Kids at  Buccaneer cove
$19.99 Four or More

$19.99 Four or More