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Ghost Blasters

Type of attraction
 Dark Ride
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 36''
Adult Companion Required
Accessible for people with disabilities
All Year
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Ghost Blasters is a modern classic not to be missed

Ghost Blasters lets you be ghost-BASHERS!

No matter what age, things that go bump in the night can certainly give anybody quite the fright – especially when those things are ghosts! Here at Castle Park, though, Ghost Blasters lets you banish any pesky ghouls and ghastly fiends you may find with a few good zaps! As long as you’re at least 36” tall and have a responsible supervising ghost-bashing companion, this is your chance to show those midnight shadows who’s boss. Twist and turn through the dark halls of Bleakstone Manor and test your aim as you blast moving targets ready to try and haunt you. This spooky course will keep you quick on the shot as you compete with your partner to see who can blast the most ghosts. 

Beware, though, for the manor ghosts are led by the bully Boocifer, and it’s going to take only the bravest of blasters to take him on! Luckily, Professor Phearstruck’s ingenious invention, the boo-blaster, poofs ghosts right out of the house when they are shot, so there’s nothing to fear here. For blaster and blasted alike, this is a safe yet stunning experience enjoyed by families for decades at amusement parks around the world. Take in the backlit scenery and gasp with every corner that you turn, clinging to your blaster for dear life as you battle ghosts and friends alike! See just how many ghosts you can beat, and hopefully your blasting partner too, before returning to the land of the living!

For younger Castle Park royals looking for more fast-paced, heart-racing, quick-shot action, there’s always the Spaceships! With asteroids and aliens in place of ghosts, your blastin’ action doesn’t have to stop, protecting the Park from specters and space-invaders alike!

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