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Castle Park hosts some of the most exciting kids events in California. With our year-round Southern California events, you can enjoy a day of family-friendly rides, a mesmerizing magic show by Anthony the Magic, delicious dining, and a memorable Castle Park event.

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Castle Dark

Pre-Sale Tickets- Buy your tickets now and save 50% off gate price!
Tickets are date specific and may only be redeemed on selected date. Limited quantities available so buy NOW!

$9.99 Deluxe Doom ticket include Admission, Unlimited Rides, Unlimited Mini Golf, and Halloween Mazes. Halloween Mazes- Shiverton Keep, NEW Carnival of “S”laughter, NEW Castle Peak Cavern, and all NEW House of Halloween.

Mazes will open from 7pm-close each night. Offer available online only. Tickets must be printed at home or scan able from a mobile device. Offer available for purchase through 9/29/17 ONLY.

Night Time Activities- Not recommended for Children under 13 Castle Dark from 7PM to Close 10/6 thru 10/29 Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays ONLY

Haunted Attractions Include:

(NEW) Castle Peak Caverns; A cavern that was once used for mining held findings of beautiful silver and gold riches is now condemned. In the 1950’s, the cavern was shut down after the Norton Family was buried alive from a cave in after armed conflict with the government. The conflict all started because the government was using the caverns as a safe storage for nuclear waste and the Norton Family had developed gold fever and wanted more riches. Rumor has it that anyone exploring the caverns can still hear what sounds like mining deep within and is thought to be the spirits of the Norton’s protecting their treasure from trespassers.

(NEW) Shiverton Keep; The evil, sorcerous Mal Drogia has cast a spell over the once beautiful kingdom of Shiverton Keep that has unleashed a deadly plague. Do you dare to enter the castle walls and make it out alive escaping the living dead?

(NEW) Carnival of “S”laughter; Welcome to the Carnival of Laughter! Enjoy a night of hysterics and fun! As you enter the carnival you realize something is horribly amiss! The clowns and mimes have gone MAD and broken out into a feud and are trying to kill one another and anyone unfortunate enough to get in their way. Can you make it out of this Carnival of “S”laughter?!

Ghost Blasters- in 3D; This fun Castle Park ride has been inhabited by some new creatures, zombies, and ghosts that have moved in and are sure to scare the light hear-ted and squeamish.


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