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Big Top Burgers & BBQ

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Al's Big Top BBQ – three rings of yum

No matter the age, seeing the red and white canvas of a big top circus tent sends our hearts and imaginations racing. Here at Big Top Burgers & BBQ, you might not get three rings of lions, tigers, and bears, but you’re sure in for a treat. A perfect way to beat the heat and sun at Castle Park no matter the day, your kids will be running through the doors! Under the shining circus lights, your whole family will be in for a yummy feast that is fit for any royal guest with BBQ options galore! Open for lunch and dinner, there’s something for even the pickiest of prince or princess to enjoy with a smile.

With BBQ chickenBBQ ribs, and BBQ burgers, you can taste the all-American nostalgia of every thrilling backyard cookout you’ve ever attended. Throw in pulled pork sandwiches and hot dogs, and you have the recipe for the most delicious spectacle of flavor -- fresh off the grill! For anyone wanting a little less BBQ but still flavor-full nostalgia, there’s always the chicken tenders, mac-n-cheese, and some sweet yet savory roasted corn. To help you beat the heat even more under our cool royal red big top, we have a refreshing variety of Icees and soft drinks.  

If you still require fuel for your further quests through Castle Park, fear not: there’s still one more ring of yummy fun to tackle. To conquer the heat of the Inland Empire, cool down with the sweet relief of ice cream and even Dippin’ Dots. Your teeth may not thank you, but your young adventurers will – giving them the strength to take on any wild ride they encounter. Come and see the bright lights, bold colors, and festive fun of Big Top Burgers & BBQ today!


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